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Get into the competitive spirit with our midnight madness Baseball Tournament, a fun and competitive tournament held every summer. Slots are open to members and players from across the region and we encourage you to sign up for exciting and friendly foursome play.

The Baseball Tournament brings together members and players from across the region to enjoy a half day of exciting base ball action. The midnight madness Baseball is proud to offer tee-green sponsorships which include highly visible marketing signage and prize offer opportunities – a great way to offer awards for baseball and get recognized!

Beyond the baseball play games, celebrities and mind-blowing announcements there is going to be a ton of other exciting exhibitions and contests held throughout the day that you won’t want to miss. Midnight madness Baseball has supported the new USA Baseball League, along with Baseball USA and the USA Sports Commission. The team league features homegrown talent, including professionals who compete, and many players who hail from outside USA.

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