What is in Minecraft TU14?

Today 4J Studios has announced that it is working on TU14 for Minecraft on all consoles. Not only that but they have given a clue to what will be included by tweeting it would be based on Java 1.3.1 update for the PC version of Minecraft and also some things from other later updates.


So what exactly was in the 1.3.1 Java update for PC that 4J Studios might include in TU14?  Here is a list of what I think will be included:


Pigs will now drop 1-3 pork chops instead of 0-2.

Slimes will have a reduced spawn rate on flat maps.

Silverfish when suffering from poison potions, they will now spawn more silverfish from nearby silverfish blocks more often.

Creepers will have an increased knockback effect. Depending on difficulty they will do more or less damage: Easy Mode: 50% less damage, Normal Mode: Same damage as before, Hard Mode: 33.3% more damage.

Creepers and Spiders become more aggressive towards the last mob or player that hit them.

Blocks & Items

Emerald Ore will be introduced and will drop Emeralds when mined.

Emeralds can then be used to trade with villagers.

Block of Emerald can be crafted using 9 Emeralds on a crafting table.


TU14 will include Emeralds which can be traded with Villagers

Ender Chest can be crafted by surrounding an eye of ender with 8 pieces of obsidian. The Ender Chest can store each players contents across dimensions and through all Ender Chests. It is also explosion-resistant and emits light and purple particles.


Ender Chests will be in TU14

String can now be placed

Tripwire hook placing string between the hooks can trigger a redstone signal, great for making traps.

Wood can now be placed in 3 different directions and placement works similarly to pistons.

Furnaces can now be powered by wooden tools and when using lava buckets as fuel an empty bucket will be returned.

Nether Portal will now leak into the overworld meaning Zombie Pigmen will rarely spawn in the overworld.

Dispensers can dispense minecarts and boats onto rails and water if in place.

Cocoa Beans can be planted and grown on jungle wood now and grown instantly using bone meal.

Cookies now give a full hunger point.

Book and Quill can be crafted with a book, 1 ink sack and 1 feather.

Written Book can be created by using a Book and Quill and writing in the book.

Buckets will now stack up to 16 and work just like glass bottles do.

Wooden signs also stack up to 16 now and upon crafting you will now get 3 instead of 1.

World Generation

Made Sub-Biome type mountains like Desert Hills or Ice Mountains taller.

Added Desert Temples built from verious kinds of sandstone and wool and will includes hidden chest room and TNT trap.

Find Desert Temples in TU14

Find Desert Temples in TU14

Added Jungle Temples which are built from various kinds of cobblestone and contain tripwire traps and dispensers filled with arrows with a loot chest inside.

Added Emerald Ore which only generates in extreme hill biomes and generates between layers 4 and 31.

Large Oak Trees will now generate with sideways logs.

There is a large list of new added items which is always good but I am unsure if we will see adventure mode added like it was for PC in the 1.3.1 update. Also it is unclear if the biome sizes will be increased like the 1.3.1 update or if the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of the game will be limited. TU14 is to include a few things from later updates but that could be almost anything although I would like to see some new mobs.

4J Studios is hard at work on TU14 and therefor is no release date as yet.

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