When will Minecraft come to the Xbox One?

*Update* Minecraft has finally been given a release date, read the latest story here.

The Xbox One is out along with its plethora of launch titles, but many people still want to know when the Xbox One edition of Minecraft will be released on the new consoles.

Well so far, no official release date has actually been announced. What has been promised however is that the game will ship within the ‘Xbox One Launch window’, which places it firmly in the November 2013 to March 2014 bracket. This unfortunately leaves us gleaning for rumor and speculation on a more solid date.

We suspect that the lack of information on the TU14 update for the Xbox 360 version is indicative that it is tied to the release of the Xbox One version. 4J Studios revealed earlier in the year that the new console versions would launch at the same update stage as current versions. What we also know is that 4J Studios are working hard to allow players to transfer their worlds from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One, but as of November 15th, they merely stated “We’re working on ways to move Xbox 360 saves to Xbox One with Microsoft. Can’t say it’ll be there until it’s 100% working.” While we may just been reading into it, it could be that the studio are holding back until they can announce a release date and the good news of working transfers at the same time. Technical hitches in said department could be slowing the process down. Given the slow stream of news at present, its is highly likely the studio are working extra hard to get the game out early next year. With January usually being a very quiet time for game releases, we could see the Xbox One edition landing sometime in February.*

Unfortunately we don’t know at this stage whether skin, texture, and mashup packs will carry over or if they will need to be ‘repurchased’ like the rest of the game. While we hope that the DLC is licensed to player’s Gamertag and accessible on either machine, the fact that you will certainly have to buy Minecraft Xbox One edition regardless of owning other editions suggests otherwise. Along with much larger worlds, large Gamerscore and significantly improved loading times, the Xbox One edition will hopefully make use of the Cloud, allowing players to host and share worlds with friends. This has not been confirmed, but we’re hopeful nonetheless.

When we have more accurate news, we’ll let you know!


*UPDATE: As of March 27th 2014, the 14th Title Update for Minecraft Xbox360 and PS3 editions has rolled out, and it is likely that the next big project for the team will be delivering the Xbox One and PS4 versions. With that in mind and given the time of year, it is possible that the Xbox One edition will launch first, which has been characteristic of releases thus far, and that we would be very surprised to not see something by E3 2014 at the latest. 

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2 thoughts on “When will Minecraft come to the Xbox One?

  1. Paul…can you please help me out. I am totally techie tarded and my son wants to upgrade from 360 to xbox one for Christmas however I have been told if i do this he will no longer be able to play minecraft on xbox live with his friend who still has an xbox 360. I know he would have to wait until the release of the new minecraft for xbox one but at that point would it be a problem….and what if we kept his old 360 running and his new one running ….would this work and do you know if we would have to pay for two xbox live memberships? Help please. Julie

    • Hey Julie, thanks for stopping by. Minecraft on the Xbox One will be a whole new game in the sense that you will have to buy it again on the new console. This also means that you are unable to play minecraft on the xbox one with a friend on the xbox 360. It is the technical equivalent of trying to play with a friend who plays on a PC. There is a very simply solution to your problem and that is that you don’t buy minecraft for the xbox One, but in fact continue to play it on the xbox 360. There is an easy way of doing this in that you are actually able to connect the xbox360 to the Xbox One via the HDMI in-port on the back of the Xbox One. This essentially makes the xbox360 a ‘channel’ on the new system your son can swap to if he wants to play with his friends. While he won’t be able to play Minecraft Xbox One with an xbox One controller, he will be able to use his xbox One to access his 360 and play 360 games with his old system, controller and account. Simple rule of thumb is that there is no cross console compatibility between games, so this will apply to all games he wants to play in the future. It is also worth knowing that cross-console ‘chat’ doesn’t work either, so your son will need to still be on his Xbox360 to even talk to his friend.

      Once your son and his friend have an xbox one, then you will need to re-purchase the Xbox One edition of minecraft for them to play it together.

      As for xbox live memberships, the subscription is tied to his gamertag/microsoft account, not the console. This means that as long as he is able to log in and access that account, it will be the same on both consoles, provided he carries it over. He will be able to swap freely between both systems using the same account and will not require two memberships unless he wishes to create a whole new profile.

      Hope this helps.

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